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Quality translation services in/to over 80 languages. We work to blur the boundaries and open up new opportunities for you. Cyprus Translation Services - our clients have access to the entire world.

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About Us

We are a licensed company providing translation services in Cyprus. A team of certified specialists guarantees fast, not-notch, and accurate translations of any text into any of the world's 80 languages. We also provide consecutive interpretation and localization services which allow you to become open to the entire world.

Our Services

Certified translation

The service involves translating the document and preparing it for further certification, for instance, in the case of marriage certificate translation. By contacting us, you are guaranteed that the exact meaning of the text is retained.

Official translation

This category brings together a list of translation services for various kinds of documents. For example, death certificate translation. It is also relevant for applicants and university applicants. You will get quality apostille translation, which proves your competence.

Sworn translation

One more option for the certification of a translation is a certification by a sworn translator (PIO-certification). Sworn translators are registered in the Register of Sworn Translators of the Council of Sworn Translators according to the relevant Law. We guarantee confidentiality, data security, and a mistake-free policy.

Interpreting services

The service allows you to officially legalize your documents in another state. They are requested by agencies and public authorities. Notarization serves as an acknowledgment that the translated text complies with the original text.

Notarized translation

The service allows you to officially legalize your documents in another state. They are requested by agencies and public authorities. Notarization serves as an acknowledgment that the translated text complies with the original text.

Language localization

Globalization is boosting e-commerce. However, it is important for companies to be able to communicate with their customers in the same language. Localization makes this possible. Translators adapt content to the communication objectives as well as the cultural specificities of a particular target audience.

Financial translation

Global businesses must file reports and documents with the regulatory authorities of the countries where they operate. We ensure the correct translation of corporate clients' financial and legal papers.

Medical translation

The service requires not only language skills but also knowledge of concepts and terminology. Our specialists have deep knowledge in this sphere. That is why they translate the text with the exact content of the original text.

Legal translation

Translation of legal documents while retaining specific terminology and presentation standards. We interpret the information subject to the legal and cultural norms being applied in a particular state.


Contact us

205, Archbishop Makarios Avenue, Victory House, 3030 Limassol


Phone: +35795111111

We are open from 10am - 4pm weekdays

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Per page (250 words)

  • Russian - English
  • English - Russian

Per page (250 words)

  • Greek - English
  • English - Greek
  • German - English 
  • English - German
  • French - English

Per page (250 words)

  • Italian - English
  • English - Italian
  • English - French
  • Latvian - English
  • English - Latvian

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  • English - Portuguese
  • Portuguese - English
  • Greek - Latvian
  • English - Arabic
  • Arabic - English
  • Serbian - English
  • English - Serbian
  • Lithuanian - English

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you on the Sworn translator list?

    Yes. We have authorized translators registered in the Register of Sworn Translators, who translate into Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, and English languages. Notarization or affidavit is available for other languages.

  • What documents can be translated?

    Any. We provide professional services, so you can order financial, medical, and birth certificate translations. The corporate services also include website localization.

  • Are you a certified agency?

    Yes, we are duly incorporated under the laws of Cyprus to provide such services, which is specified in our Memorandum of Association, for instance, legal translation services. The registered office and the place of business of our company are in Cyprus.

  • How is the cost calculated?

    The final price is calculated based on the rate for a particular type of translation multiplied by the number of words in the finished document (Microsoft Word). This is relevant for both website localization and divorce certificate translation.

  • Are you protecting confidentiality?

    Yes. Any personal information contained in the documents to be translated will be treated as highly confidential. Data security is guaranteed. It is also possible to sign an NDA on request.

  • In what format is the translation provided?

    Mostly, documents are sent to clients as docx, pdf, pptx, or hard copy. It is also possible to use other formats as required.


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